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Preserve water quality by plugging old and/or unused wells.

Water quality and preventing potential damage are top concerns at Aqua Source Well Drilling, and plugging old, abandoned unused wells is key to maintaining the aquifer quality and security of structures and landscape. Plugging old wells prevents water from draining down and contaminating the aquifer and impacting the water quality of nearby wells.  In addition, unplugged abandoned wells can reduce the value of a property and may be considered liabilities when buying or selling due to potential problems. 

Once you call or email our office, you will receive a quote for a plugging a well abandonment - in most cases right over the phone. For an accurate estimate, it is helpful to know what diameter the well is (2", 4", 6"), if the well head is in tact or if is damaged, and if the well has been previously repaired or sleeved. We will then file the permit for you. Once the permit is issued, we will contact you to coordinate a work date. Our office staff is available for any questions you may have or any guidance you may need in the process.

Visit our FAQ page to learn more, or fill out the below form and we'll reach out to you.

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